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We have carefully selected our client’s most frequently asked questions and we’ve laid out all of the answers on this page, so you can easily access them.
1What is
We offer a soccer tips service that is intended for people who are determined to change their future and want to start investing in football betting. We are a professional team of experts who work hard every day to make sure your goals are met.
2What do you base your predictions on?
3How do I buy your Tips?
4Do you offer free Tips?
5Do you offer discounts?
6I have paid for a Tip, when I am receiving it?
7Which Bookmaker do you prefer?
8My Bookmaker does not offer the bet from your Tip, what should I do?
9What kind of bets do you provide with your Tips?
10Do you offer tennis, hockey, bascetball, horse racing and other Tips?
11New Tip replaces the originally sent Tip, Why?
12Do you offer Tips for “Fixed” matches?
13Which leagues do you offer tips for most often?
14What happens if your Tip doesn’t win?